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Meet Undraa, our Volunteer of the Quarter

Every quarter, we like to acknowledge the work of one of our volunteers, and help you get to know our team in the process. This quarter, we’re pleased to introduce you to Undrakhsaikhan Tumen. Undraa manages the Bayanzag Facebook page and posts photos and stories from the Flaming Cliffs and surrounding community. Our Executive Director Bolortsetseg Minjin interviewed her for this post.

Protoceratops: a Frill, a Beak… and an Attitude

Protoceratops was hungry. A stocky plant-eater the size of a sheep with wide, strong feet, and a frill on the back of its head, it used its parrot-like beak to shear tough plants in a wash between sand dunes. It was not alone.

From prairie to Gobi in search of dinosaurs

Ankylosaurs – the weird, spiky, armoured dinosaurs with tail clubs – are always rare, but two of the best places to find good specimens of this unusual group of dinosaurs are Alberta and, you guessed it, Mongolia.

ISMD President’s Statement on AMNH Fossils Collected by Roy Chapman Andrews

  On September 28, 2015, ISMD president Bolortsetseg Minjin shared this statement with her followers on Facebook regarding the sensitive topic of Mongolian fossils in the possession of the AMNH. While the ISMD supports the immediate repatriation of all fossils… Read More