• Institute for the Study of Mongolian Dinosaurs

    Building the future of Mongolian paleontology through education, conservation and research.

Our Mission

To promote Mongolian paleontological and geological research through collaboration with international scientists, to support and training of the next generation of Mongolian paleontologists and geologists, through public outreach, and through active fieldwork with an emphasis on fossil conservation.

Welcome to Bulgan Sum

When we finally arrived in Bulgan Sum it was late afternoon and the town center’s modest buildings cast long shadows across its snow-covered streets. Cows and dogs wandered past our cars as we unloaded our luggage.

The Waiting Game

It’s been the biggest storm of its kind here in at least ten years, they’re saying. At one point, thirty-five people were missing in the area, and one still hasn’t been found.

A Day in Dalanzadgad

After a team breakfast of bread with jam, fried eggs, and bantan (a traditional meat and rice soup), we made our way to our meeting with several officials from the local Parliament.

Waking up in Ulaanbaatar

We’re back in Mongolia for two weeks to meet with government officials in the Gobi, drop off our new bilingual outreach materials, and scout a location for a new dinosaur museum and research center at the Flaming Cliffs, Mongolia’s famous orange sandstone landmark where the first dinosaur nests were found almost a century ago.

Хойд Америкын тал нутгаас Монголын говийн динозаврын эрэлд гарсан миний тэмдэглэл

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