From dinosaur workshops to fossil repatriation to a museum in the Gobi, our staff and volunteers are building the future of Mongolian paleontology every day.

Dinosaur Workshops

Children in Mongolia have had the chance to learn about dinosaurs, often for the first time, since our first workshop in 2009. Workshops inspire creativity and curiosity while educating kids age 5-15 on scientific principles and Mongolia’s natural history heritage.

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Bayanzag Museum

Bayanzag Park in the Mongolian Gobi Desert is home to a world-renowned fossil site called The Flaming Cliffs. It is the first place dinosaurs were discovered in Mongolia and fossils can still be found there today. We are working with local authorities to plan a museum in the park equipped with collections and lab facilities, exhibits and educational programs to better protect the fossils and serve visitors and locals alike.

Fossil Repatriation

Since 2012, we have assisted the Mongolian and United States governments with the repatriation of over 30 fossil dinosaur specimens that were taken from Mongolia illegally.

Moveable Museum

The Moveable Museum was donated in 2013 by the American Museum of Natural History. During our workshop season, it visits locations across Mongolia so that children and curious adults can explore its modern, engaging dinosaur exhibits.

Paleontology Training & Student Assistance

We offer advice and financial assistance to Mongolian students who choose paleontology as a course of study, and we offer training in fossil preparation and excavation to Mongolians who wish to help protect their local fossil heritage.