Meet Paleoartist Henry Sharpe, our Fall 2017 Featured Artist

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our Fall 2017 Featured Artist, Henry Sharpe. Check out his painting on our homepage. We invited him to write a guest blog post about his work, and were fortunate to meet him person this month at the annual meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in Calgary, where his work was featured in a paleoart show for conference attendees. 

Meet Undraa, our Volunteer of the Quarter

Every quarter, we like to acknowledge the work of one of our volunteers, and help you get to know our team in the process. This quarter, we’re pleased to introduce you to Undrakhsaikhan Tumen. Undraa manages the Bayanzag Facebook page and posts photos and stories from the Flaming Cliffs and surrounding community. Our Executive Director Bolortsetseg Minjin interviewed her for this post.

Waking up in Ulaanbaatar

We’re back in Mongolia for two weeks to meet with government officials in the Gobi, drop off our new bilingual outreach materials, and scout a location for a new dinosaur museum and research center at the Flaming Cliffs, Mongolia’s famous orange sandstone landmark where the first dinosaur nests were found almost a century ago.

Хойд Америкын тал нутгаас Монголын говийн динозаврын эрэлд гарсан миний тэмдэглэл

Бид цахим хуудасныхаа анхны блогоор палеонтологич Викториа Арборын тэмдэглэлийг толилуулж байна. Тэрээр Канадын Байгалын Ухаан болон Инженеерын Судалгааны Төвд (КБУИСТ) судлаачаар Онтариогын Хааны Музей болон Торонтогийн Их Сургууль дахь Эваний Лабраторид ажилладаг.