Meet Undraa, our Volunteer of the Quarter

Every quarter, we like to acknowledge the work of one of our volunteers, and help you get to know our team in the process. This quarter, we’re pleased to introduce you to Undrakhsaikhan Tumen. Undraa manages the Bayanzag Facebook page and posts photos and stories from the Flaming Cliffs and surrounding community. Our Executive Director Bolortsetseg Minjin interviewed her for this post. 

How did you first get involved with the ISMD?

My brother who works in Bulgan town told me about ISMD and I wanted to get involved. He gave me Bolortsetseg’s phone number and Facebook name. So I contacted Bolortsetseg and I said to her I would like to work with ISMD.

What do you like about volunteering with the ISMD?

I live in Bulgan town so ISMD is going to implement the very good project in Bulgan town and other paleontology areas. I watched Roy Chapman Andrews’s documentary while I worked in Three Camel Lodge, then I red “On the Trail of Ancient Man” by Roy Chapman Andrews translated by Gereltuv D. He gifted me after printing this book. So I would like to work in paleontology. ISMD gave me this opportunity.

Undraa at the Flaming Cliffs, where the first Mongolian dinosaur – Protoceratops – was discovered in 1923.
What do you do when you are not volunteering with the ISMD?

My profession is Tourist Manager, so I host tourists as a local guide in the Gobi. While I stay at home, I take care of my sons. I have two sons.

Describe something related to paleontology that you have always wanted to do.

We should protect paleontologically important areas. Also, help keep fossils in Mongolia and make books about paleontological sites, fossils, and Mongolian paleontology history.

What’s your favorite Mongolian dinosaur?

My favorite dinosaur is Protoceratops, because Protoceratops was the first dinosaur discovered in Mongolia. I think Protoceratops opened a new door for paleontology in Mongolia.

Keep up with Undraa and everything happening at the Flaming Cliffs by following our Bayanzag Facebook page.

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